Monday, March 31, 2014

First Week!!!!!

In this short week I have been Miss Orem's Outstanding Teen I have had so much fun already!!! I get the wonderful opportunity to teach girl scouts and these girls are the sweetest girls in the entire world they have so much energy and are always so happy. They have great questions and love to be involved. Maddi and I also had a ribbon cutting this week for Half Dental. We are so excited to have them as a part of our businesses here in Orem. While we were walking in a few little girls followed us and wanted to take pictures with the "princesses". They were so adorable and so excited to meet us. They were so sweet and complemented us a lot! They loved seeing our crowns!

Those are the most amazing moments. Knowing little girls are watching us and we can be role models to them. Interacting with everyone there was a wonderful experience. Meeting new people is what I love to do. I love listening to peoples stories and learning their life lessons.

J-Dawgs were our delicious treat after and Maddi and I were very excited to eat those delightful hot dogs (; We couldn't wait to start eating!
 Of course Maddi and I wore our "power shoes" we both had in the pageant!
I cant wait to see what this next year will bring for Maddi and I. I love having Maddi as my "older sister" in this journey. She is a wonderful example and she brings joy to every occasion! I cant wait to learn more from her! We really will have a blast this year!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Miss Orem Outstanding Teen 2014

My name is Emily Pittman and I am Miss Orem's Outstanding Teen 2014...That's weird to say.  This came so fast. It seems like yesterday I was at the opening social hearing the theme and meeting the girls who would quickly become my close friends as we went through every part of this journey together. I am so excited to serve Orem this next year and i'm ready to start.  Maddi and I are going to have such a BLAST this next year I love that girl more then anything! She is the greatest and i'm so excited to work with her!

I'm so excited to work with these cute girls above. Mallory and Jacquelyn and two amazing girls who are such fun to have around!

I couldn't have done any of this without the support of my friends and family! and I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!
Im so excited to be 2014 New Miss Orem Outstanding Teen!(:

Miss Orem 2014 Crowning Night

Hello everyone! My name is Maddi Millard and I am so excited to serve as Miss Orem 2014! I am ready to get to work so if anyone ever needs anything from me, please contact me and I'll be there!
 Here are some pictures from Saturday night.

Scherzo by Mendelssohn, such a fun song to play!
I loved having my niece, Sage, escort me on stage! I actually had a bit of a hard time getting her off stage, she must have loved it so much! (It's actually very entertaining to watch on the DVD of the pageant).

In case anybody is wondering, that I love you sign is being pointed straight at my crowd of friends and family. I would not be who I am or where I am today without their endless support.
I know the bottom says don't post or print.... but we bought this picture so it's allowed now:)

Shawn Mortensen is a great MC, a great pageant expert, and a tremendous friend!
I would have felt a bit awkward on stage without the cheers from my fan club :) I LOVE THEM.
3 of my favorite people. I love you guys:)

Emily is the new Miss Orem's Outstanding Teen and I love her already with all my heart!! During workshops I told her how much I loved her heels, so she told me where she got them and saved me from wearing awful shoes, so that's the shortened version of why we have matching shoes. This year will be a blast with her!

Cool story: Sydney Flannigan (Miss Orem 2013) crowned me as Miss Orem. I crowned Brenna Jeffs (Miss Orem's Outstanding Teen 2013) and Brenna just crowned Emily! As soon as I realized this, I was determined to get a picture. 

Here is the beloved royalty! Jacqueline, Malary, Emily, Me, Amy, and Abby. This group of girls we be a PARTY all year long!
Here's just the Miss Royalty whom I love!

 Kim, you are the greatest director ever!! Love you!
This job is a dream come true. I cannot wait to serve the people of Orem in the best way I can!
Love, Maddi Millard
Miss Orem 2014-2015


Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Last Day of the Crown

        Every little girl dreams of being a princess, and I was no exception. As a child I had tiaras to match every dress I wore. Who knew that dreams can become a reality? Once that crown was placed on my head as Miss Orem Oustanding Teen, my life changed forever! There came a responsibility to be my absolute best at all times. Suddenly, I was a role model, public speaker and a civil servant–all while beginning my first year of high school. I had no idea what a crazy ride this was going to be!

There was a wonderful support system in place to train me and get me started. Parades, Summerfest, charity fundraisers, performing at schools, reading with the children, ribbon cuttings for new business, attending Orem’s Lights On, Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day services, the groundbreaking of the new city pool, were all exciting events to be a part of. Orem is such a great 
place to live and there is way more happening here than I ever realized!
Probably my favorite service was my involvement as a troop leader with the Westmore Elementary Girl Scouts. I loved working with the girls and helping them build self-esteem and friendships.

Going to the State Pageant was an amazing challenge and thrill. It literally took a team of volunteers and sponsors to help me prepare. I worked harder on my talent than ever before! I learned that hard work really does pay off as I was able to win the Talent Preliminary doing a very difficult French Opera piece.
I have learned that I can do anything I put my mind to. If I am committed and dedicated and work hard, nothing can stop me. This is a lesson I will carry with me throughout my life.

I suppose the thing that means the most to me are the relationships that have grown from this experience. There is no director in the world like Kim. I consider her a second mother. Sydney was always there to show me the way and help me know what to do in any situation. I consider her a big sister. My sister Haley miraculously transformed every gown to fit. I owe her a great debt. My family supported me in every way and I love them dearly.

I feel this is just the beginning of great things to come for me. I will make a difference in this world and this experience taught me how to do that. 

      I am literally hours away from handing the crown down to the next Miss Orem Outstanding Teen and I cannot believe it has already happening. This whole year as whizzed by with amazing experiences that have been irreplaceable. I hope you all come to the pageant tonight. The talent of the girls are incredible and I think anyone of them would make a fabulous queen.

Thank you for everything!
Brenna Jeffs 
Miss Orem Outstanding Teen 2013

Friday, March 21, 2014

My Last Post as Miss Orem

I don't think it has fully hit me yet that I am going to be crowning someone else tomorrow. I'm kind of nervous, anxious, excited, and sad all at the same time. I there are some things I am looking forward to (Miss Utah, student teaching, graduating, etc.) and there are lots of things I will miss (the girl scouts, events, committee, etc.). I've been in the program for 3 years, and it's become a part of me. So, this will be a bittersweet, new adventure for me. I feel like I have reached adulthood. I am graduating soon, and lots of other changes are happening in my life so it's kind of weird. Like a fish out of water type feeling. And I don't think that the full idea of it has registered yet, because I still have 3 more months until Miss Utah where I am technically still Miss Orem. So I'm in a state of limbo until then.

I am looking forward to Miss Utah! Everything is coming together now, and I am getting so excited! I just got my send-off party all set up and ready to go. It is on June 13th at 7pm, and the lovely Mary Crafts-Homer (who owns Culinary Crafts Catering) is helping us out by donating desserts! I am so grateful for Culinary Crafts being willing to donate to help us out. They are known for being one of the best in Utah, so we are in for a treat I'm sure! The Scera on State Street in Orem is hosting the event for us. We will be in room 201. They have been a very generous sponsor all year, and I'm so thankful for them allowing us to use the room and help us out with tables and chairs. Brenna had her send-off there for her state pageant as well, and it looked lovely. It' surreal that it's my turn now to do that! I've been to 3 send-off's and now finally I get my own! It's been so fun to plan.
This picture above is what the director of the after school clubs at Westmore elementary gave me as a thank you for leading the girl scout troop and teaching the "miss orem's club." It is a big apple decoration, with bread and her homemaid jam! Becky Lacco is so thoughtful, and I will miss the girls. I enjoyed every second of my time there and I learned a lot from the people there. (the girls included.)

This past November I went to a "be a better you" type conference called Master of Influence. At the beginning of the conference everyone puts wishes up on a board for things they need. I put on mine, "a donation for my Miss Utah entry fee." We all see the postings and try to help fill a need. I brought in a pair of mens pants and an exercise video, and it felt so good to feel like I was helping people who needed it and doing what I can. At the end, they hand out everyone's things for what they got. I ended up getting this, from two cute little girls. They donated 50$, but what meant even more was the gift with it. They made a card that says "To the future Miss Utah" on the front. On the inside it says it says to believe in yourself, and we know you're talented and beautiful and it's so cool you're doing this. It also says "have a fun time!" It is signed, "Your biggest fans." They included a bouquet and a crown and sash that they made for me. This honestly made me cry. It was so sweet that they believed in me, thought I was cool, and looked up to me and wanted to help me. I will always keep this gift and remember how simple it was, but how special it made me feel. The thing I have treasured most about this year has been having such an impact on kids and making them feel on top of the world by letting them try on my crown and taking pictures with them. Because of experiences like this, I feel like I've already won Miss Utah. My heart has been filled to the brim with love and support from sweet little kids like this, to sponsors and my family. 

I want to thank the tons of people who have gotten me through this year. My mom is pictured below, and she is one of the many who have helped me soo so much. My roommates, friends, family, committee, director, sponsors, etc. Everyone has been so good to me. It is inspiring to me to see such generosity in people. I hope to be a "giver" and not a "taker" in the future to others, and pass on the amazing, giving spirit. Because I didn't mention names in my farewell address in the pageant tomorrow, I will put them here.
My mom & tom, dad & shelly, dallin, the graff family, jim & tania evans, kid with rkp beauty, la shanda hill with mary kay, kim & ray davis, wendy with it works wraps, response marketing, greg with tuttle family denistry, amy tuttle, kena worthin, kimberly harris & the miss orem committee, the jellums, the chanhmany's, Brenna, Amy, Janale, and Mallory on the royalty this year, sasha miss provo, and the other city queens, amy rasmussen, jaxon peterson, bridal center dresses, chelsea at bridal expressions, michael mitchel, zach, asher, and josh with body4change and velocity, kelli with kelli's hair design, hannah harkness, michael with michael portanda photography, mary with culinary crafts, shipley communications, cookie haven, coney's custards, scera center for the arts, and the mayor and city council.
I feel so blessed by knowing you all, and truly inspired by your goodness.

And a word of advice for all the contestants running for Miss Orem 2014 and Miss Orem's Outstanding Teen 2014 tomorrow...
Don't freak out, and just be YOU! Believe me, I know it's scary, but if you believe in yourself, and just have fun, you've already won. It's yours if you believe it, so go out there and take it!
Good luck girls! I know you'll do amazing!
This time tomorrow we'll have a new queen, starting out on a brand new journey. I feel so lucky to have had this experience, and I will remember it for a lifetime. It has truly changed me as a person for the better, and I will always treasure the relationships and memories I have gained from this experience. 
I can't believe I'm saying this, but for the last time, Good night!
See you all at the pageant tomorrow!
With love,
Sydney Flanigan
Miss Orem 2013

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Final Countdown...So Bittersweet.

I haven't blogged in a while because I've been sooo busy as usual. Here's what I've missed!
Miss Orem is next Saturday! Can't believe it's already been a year. This is the poster for this year's pageant. We're doing a cute animal theme.

This was at "Reading With the Stars" at Cascade Elementary. It was a literacy event where Brenna and I got to read to the kids. They loved us. Someone left roses on our chairs, and we gave out autographs for like 20 minutes afterwards!

This was at the Miss Utah shoot with all the other contestants. We did a Valentine's day Mascarade theme. It was really fun. I have to admit I was a little intimidated at the idea of it, but I was happily surprised when everyone was so down-to-earth and friendly to each other. We all had so much fun together and got along great. It made me look forward to Miss Utah week.
Hair credit for this photo shoot goes to the wonderful Kelli's Hair Design! She is awesome. She's been taking care of my hair all year and I love the color and the cut. She also styled it for the shoot. I'm happy my hair is growing a lot because she is helping to keep it nice and healthy. She is great and if you're looking into getting a new stylist, go to her!

Once again, this year we had the "In her shoes" gala with United way and Women in Philanthropy. I always love this event because we get to dress up, help raise money for troubled kids, and see all the other pageant girls. We had a lot of fun. Mallory was there too, but she isn't in the picture. The live auction part of this event is so exhilarating and they did it in the new "Natural Curiosity" museum that's opening up in Thanksgiving Point. That place is soo cool. 

I had 2 shoots with Michael this week and we had a blast together. He is really talented and we ended up with great stuff. He worked tirelessly after having his hard drive crash and having to shoot and edit everything under pressured time. Thank you Micheal Portanda Photography!
(also, thanks to Miss Provo Sasha Heaps for letting me borrow her dress!)

These are the girls in my Miss Orem's club at Westmore Elementary. We're having the girl scout troop and these lovely girls do our flag ceremony at the pageant on Saturday. They are all so excited. I love working with them every Thursday. They are always so excited to see me and ask me all sorts of questions.

This was at the ribbon cutting for the new Ulta store in Orem. There was a huge line along the building of people waiting for us to open the doors! These people don't mess around when it comes to getting a discount on makeup! haha We had fun and the girls we met were great. (Shout out to Miss Spanish Fork who works here!)

This was at the inaguration of the new mayor, Mayor Brunst. Orem High's choir was there to sing at a certain point in the program and that's who this is. Although I have enjoyed spending time with Mayor Evans and like him a lot, it was good meeting Mayor Brunst. He seems like a very good, capable leader for the city. (I also met and talked to the President of my school Matthew Holland, and we took a picture but I can't find it. For some reason I felt like I was meeting a celebrity and I got all nervous haha)

This is at the Opening social for the pageant. Brenna and I both spoke, we had a great turn out, and we accidentally matched our outfits.

This picture to the right is at a workshop. The girls have been working so hard on walking, interview, and their opening number dance. Here they are practicing. They are going to do amazing this saturday.
I had a meeting with Tuttle Family Dentistry and they are interested in sponsorship! I am excited for that! 
Body4Change has been absolutely awesome. I am getting in such better shape than I was before. I am constantly improving, and it's fun to feel accomplished and compete with myself. I love beating my times in sprints and lifting more weight and doing more reps. I feel like I'm getting good! I still want to keep getting better for Miss Utah though! I would recommend them to anyone. Personal training has been the perfect thing for me to get into killer shape. After having this experience, I don't want to go back to a big gym where everyone watches each other and girls get dressed up. I like going to see people who actually know me and care about me enough to work with me and make workouts specifically for what I need.

 I am getting tough too! The weights give me callouses on my hands and the turf gives my knees scrapes, but I love it! haha I feel rough and tough!

 (This is my trainer Zach and this is what I gave him for his b-day because he always wears black.)

Response marketing is also a sponsor now! The people with HR there worked with me and they were so nice. I am very appreciative for everything they did for me.

RKP Beauty is awesome! Here's some more of her recent work! She is such a talented nail artist and I love talking to her every time. She has become a good friend, and I will never be able to go without her amazing lash extensions and nails.

 I got my talent costume for Miss Utah! Here it is! We are still going to make some minor changes to it.

I got a sponsor from It Works! Wraps. I am so excited to start wrapping my legs, bum, and tummy to look my best for Miss Utah! Wendy Atkins is great, and if you've ever been interested in getting wraps, she is the one to go to! Give her a call! This is her business card.

I got to see the wonderful La Shanda Hill again this week with Mary Kay! She is awesome and has provided me with all the necessities for looking great for my events. Mary Kay has skin care (which I love for zits and anti-aging) and also make up. I have loved using their stuff and going through La Shanda.
My friends and family have been helping me so much lately with getting ready for Miss Orem and Miss Utah, and I'm so grateful for all the support and love I have from all of you. Thank you to Kena Worthen and Amy Tuttle for all the help with my dance! 
Happy Spring Everyone!
MO 2013 :)