Sunday, October 13, 2013

Miss Utah's Outstanding Teen Pageant

Last weekend, The Miss Utah's Outstanding Teen pageant took place at the Covey center in Provo. There I met so many kind and talented people. I went into the experience scare and unsure of myself. In the end I ended up with many friends and unforgettable experiences. the first day I did interview and then at night I preformed my talent. I sang "Ah! Je Veux Vivre." From the opera "Romeo and Juliet. I felt so good and was really proud of how I had done. At the end of the night I won a Preliminary for Talent!

Kim has helped me through so much! Thanks for being such a great director!

Korrianne, my vocal coach, was so supportive and encouraging!

My friends surprised me and came! 

The next afternoon I had the fitness routine as well as evening gown. I felt really relaxed and did my very best. 

Between the two performances on Saturday, we had a fun autograph signing. It was great to see all the support for each girl.

Then nighttime came. What we all had been waiting for, the top twelve. I had been hoping to make top twelve and it was so rewarding to actually make it!

From that point on. We had to preform everything again! 

I did the best that I possibly could have done and felt so accomplished. I even made 3rd attendant!

I was on cloud nine! I could not be happier. Afterwards. I came home and immediately fell asleep on the couch! I was exhausted. 

I loved the experience and could not have had a better time. Once the pageant was over, I found myself with tons of time and... A Social Life! I have been missing it! With three months of preparation it has been great to finally relax.
My friends and I decided to take a trip up to City Creek in Salt Lake City. It was a blast! I could not ask for better friends.

Yesterday, Katie Bradly and I had a photo shoot. She is so talented and I cannot wait to see how the pictures come out!

Love Always,
Brenna Jeffs
Miss Orem's Outstanding Teen 2013
"Be the Change you want to see in the world."