Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

Hello again!!

On Saturday April 9th at 10AM-11:30 AM at Orem City Center and State Street there will be a mile walk put on by The Center for Women and Children in Crisis: "Walk a Mile in her Shoes". You'll get to walk a mile in high heels to raise awareness for rape and sexual assault. Men are also invited to wear women's shoes and literally walk a mile in her shoes. All proceeds will go to The Center for Women and Children in Crisis.

I am grateful to be able to help out at this event. Rape and sexual assault is unfortunately becoming more prevalent in our society, and it's crucial that we bring awareness to this issue.
The Center for Women and Children in Crisis   CWCIC
If YOU need to Escape an Abusive Man read the following from their website:
"Women! Has a man in your life ever: Hit you? Pushed you around? Called you names, such as crazy, stupid, ugly, nagging, etc? Stopped you from seeing your friends or leaving the house? Forced you to have sex when you did not want to? Done things to frighten you? Threatened you? You do not deserve to be treated this way! Please call 801-377-5500 (Domestic Violence Hotline) or 801-356-2511 (Rape Crisis Hotline)."

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Blessings :)

Here is a little Miss Orem update:

The workshops have been fabulous! This years contestants are incredible; they are a very intelligent, refreshing, and beautiful group of girls. During last weeks interview portion of the workshops I bounced around to each group of contestants and listened to their responses to a wide range of questions and... WOW, their answers were very impressive and it definitely got me excited for the upcoming months that I get to spend we these beautiful ladies!

I've also been busy promoting my platform "Fitness for Youth" in the schools. Let me tell you one thing... children absolutely warm my soul. Being able to work out with them has been a privilege and a blessing.
I'm also preparing for Miss Utah. Excitement, nervousness, and anticipation are the common sentiments on that event which is coming up in the next 3 months! SO MUCH TO DO!!
Now, for your spiritual boost of the day, lately I've been thinking about earthly angels. It seems to me that whenever I'm going through challenging times God sends me his love through angels. Angels in the form of friends, family, and complete strangers. The other day I was feeling a little somber; I felt like I was stuck in an "Eeyore" mood when out of the blue a ray of sunshine brightened my day. I was sitting on campus at BYU when a young man approached me and in his suave british accent told me that I "looked lovely today", and BAM my day took a complete turnaround! Although we don't always have angels in the form of random Mr. Darcy's, we ALL have angels in our lives to help us through tough times, the key is to OPEN our eyes and see these special messengers and be grateful for them.....and luckily we also get to be angels in others lives :)